29 Sep 2023

Hosting Industry Shake-Up: DediPath’s Sudden Shutdown and What To Do Next

In the web hosting business, reliability and trust are paramount. Customers entrust providers with their websites and data, expecting security and accessibility. However, recent events have shown the hosting landscape’s unpredictability, exemplified by DediPath, a hosting and colocation provider that abruptly ceased operations, giving customers less than 24 hours’ notice.

The Unforeseen Announcement

On September 1, 2023, DediPath’s unexpected announcement sent shockwaves through the hosting community. In a message that caught many off-guard, the company declared, “DediPath will cease operations effective 8/31/23. Migrate your data and take backups as soon as possible.” This abrupt notice left customers scrambling to secure their data and find alternative hosting solutions.

A Puzzling Vanishing Act

Adding to the confusion was DediPath’s sudden disappearance from the online sphere. Despite the email notification, there were no official announcements on their website or social media channels. Customers who had been following DediPath’s social media updates just the day before were left bewildered by the silence.

The situation was further complicated by the absence of DediPath CEO Mark Jiannino’s LinkedIn profile, deepening the mystery. DediPath appeared to have vanished, leaving customers to question the email’s authenticity and their hosting services’ fate.

Confirmation from the Community

As uncertainty loomed, the hosting community began verifying the news. Moderators on hosting forums like LowEndSpirit confirmed the closure with the company directly. Additionally, other members of the hosting community shared their experiences, further substantiating the unfortunate reality of DediPath’s sudden shutdown.

These shared experiences included accounts from hosting firms, like HostEons, which had colocated servers with DediPath. HostEons acknowledged the situation, stating, “We had colocated our VPS Nodes, web hosting, and dedicated servers in Los Angeles with DediPath, but today DediPath announced their business closure.” They also outlined their migration efforts to ensure service continuity in the face of this unforeseen development.

A Look Back at DediPath

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Hockessin, Delaware, DediPath had been offering infrastructure as a service (IaaS), colocation, and hosting services from ten facilities across the US. These facilities included data centers from reputable providers such as Flexential, Sabey, Path, and Evocative. Customers had relied on DediPath for their hosting needs, trusting in the company’s services.

A Glimpse into Troubled Waters

In the days leading up to the closure, signs of trouble within DediPath had emerged. An email sent earlier on the same day as the closure announcement hinted at the challenges the company faced. It mentioned efforts to seek solutions aligning with customers’ needs and noted a new deal with Limestone Networks to migrate customers at a discount.

Support from Colocation Providers

Amid the chaos, colocation providers such as LinkSecured stepped in to assist DediPath’s stranded customers. Flexential, for instance, expressed its awareness of the situation and willingness to work with DediPath’s customers individually. This support provided hope for those seeking continuity in their hosting services.

DediPath advised its customers to contact respective colocation providers for equipment removal. Additionally, they recommended transferring domains registered through DediPath promptly to avoid disruptions.

Successful Migration to a Colocation Data Center

A Community in Transition

As customers faced the uncertain future of their hosting services, many turned to social media and forums for advice and support. The hosting community, known for its resilience, rallied together to share information and assist those affected by DediPath’s sudden closure.

LinkSecured: A New Home for Dedipath Customers

In these challenging times, for those affected by this unfortunate event, the quest for new hosting and colocation services begins. LinkSecured recognizes the difficulties and uncertainties faced by former DediPath customers. We are here to serve you, providing reliable hosting solutions and a trusted partner for your web hosting needs.

The abrupt shutdown of DediPath serves as a stark reminder of the hosting industry’s need for reliability and transparency. Customers should remain prepared for unforeseen developments and have contingency plans in place.

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In this ever-evolving world of web hosting, adaptability and vigilance are key. The DediPath incident underscores the importance of providers and customers prioritizing communication, contingency planning, and, above all, trustworthiness in this dynamic industry.

At LinkSecured, we extend a warm welcome to former DediPath customers in need of a new hosting provider. We have hosting and colocation facilities in the same citites as DediPath such as Los Angeles, Denver, Las Vegas, Washington DC, Dallas, Pasadena, and more. We are committed to providing you with the dependable hosting solutions and support you deserve in these challenging times.

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