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CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian

10GB to 340GB Storage

512MB to 64GB Memory

Up to 16 Cores

Dell hardware


Premium bandwidth blend

Fast Ethernet port

Free monitoring

Free reinstalls

1 IP Address


1/4 Cabinet


100 MBPS Port

10 AMP 120v

/29 (5 Usable)

Why Choose Linksecured?

Experience, reliability, security, and customer support are the attributes most important to our customers. Our goal is to offer these qualities at the most competitive price point on the market.

With experience from the beginning of the Internet, Linksecured concentrates on providing quality support and solutions to our customers, to fit a wide variety of customer-based needs.

Our secure data centers are located throughout the United States, from downtown Los Angeles, California to Washington, DC, providing a maximum level of power, flexibility and security.

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